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The police later recorded that Show had received " a five-inch gash to the throat; a stab wound that punctured a lung and another that grazed her spine; several wounds to the head; and a number of defensive wounds".

Initially testimonies from the three showed that Yunkin had dropped Lambert and Buck off at Show's house, where the two girls murdered Show.

Dalzell overturned the murder conviction on April 15, 1997, citing that "prosecutorial misconduct" had resulted in an incorrect ruling. The detective testified against allegations that evidence had been tampered with.

Lambert now testified that Yunkin had participated in the murders, choking Show.

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Lambert attempted to appeal the 1998 decision in 2003 and to bring the case to the Supreme Court of the United States, but was rejected both times. After her daughter's death in 1991, Hazel Show started campaigning for stronger anti-stalking laws in Pennsylvania.Further evidence and testimony was brought against Lambert such as a relative of Yunkin providing a poem that Lambert had written in jail that described the murder.Crime scene experts also testified that no evidence of Show writing out any initials in her blood was found and that other evidence discovered at the crime scene did not corroborate with Lambert's story.The defense argued that Lambert had not participated in the act, that she had been sent out of the room by Yunkin, and that Lambert had obeyed everything Yunkin had ordered of her due to battered woman syndrome.They also questioned whether or not Show would have been able to speak to her mother before her death, as her throat had been cut, and alleged that Show had actually written out the initials of her murderers, Buck and Yunkin.

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