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All the comments so far are right on, only leaving the fact that Jeffs can hide in a fortress in TX after years of being allowed to break the law in many states while our intel/enforcement community is engaged in accumulating massive amounts of phone records that they could not possibly process.

Same old lack of Homeland Security, slam-dunk intel, and non-enforcement of the laws we have to get a vote.

It's bad enough they are draining our welfare system and not paying taxes, but now we hear accusations of child molestation occurring in some of these communities. You should rush immediately to party headquarters and tell them to completely do away with the entire welfare state. I didn't see her often but at any family gathering, she made it a point to joke about "bleeding the government" and how welfare was her way to "fight the Man."As far as I'm concerned, unless you're disabled, elderly, orphaned, or can support your family without working, you should have a job!

I shudder to think about what else has to happen before authorities take action."Fast forward to 2006. You can talk about hating the government all you want but I think you're just lazy, and I despise laziness.

All religious institutions should be taxed just like all citizens are taxed, based on their income.

Religions are nothing more or less than a large number of special interest corporations.

One wonders how many polygamic Republicans are supplementing their lifestyle with taxpayer funded welfare.

All the more reason to make this either legal and regulated OR Enforce The Laws They Are Breaking.

One thing we do know is that Jeffs and his followers have not been paying their fair share of property taxes.

Bad people do bad things, and its good that we have a number of ways to get them off the streets.

Prosecuting crimes of this type would take a lot less toll on the innocents involved, and since only one wife can be legally married to one man, most would not even be eligible to be prosecuted as someone who participated in the crimes. I find it ironic that so many of the "starve the beast" types receive so much governmental largesse.

You may or may not agree with polygamist Warren Jeffs' lifestyle, and you may or may not think he is indeed the dangerous criminal the FBI says he is, but would you believe Jeffs and his followers are costing you money?

"Their religious belief is that they'll bleed the beast, meaning the government," said Mark Shurtleff, Utah's attorney general.

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They don't have to go together and thousands of families like mine are proof as none of those things apply to us.

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