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The wide angle should be more "moving" friendly and a .9 (3 stop reduction) or 1.2 (4 stops) ND might work for you very well. You are using a manual mechanical lens adapter to mount your EOS lens, so there is NO aperture control of the Canon lens.

You will have to use a more expensive ( 0 and much higher ) electronic adapter if you wish to control your EOS lens electronically from your camera.

It's almost done but it covers manual control of shutter, aperture, ISO, and some ND info in a manner MUCH simpler than anything in the manual.

You can then do me a favor by commenting on what you find useful.

With EXPOSURE MODE set to M I think it would deal with the light coming in and you should be able to work from the exposure metering read out at the bottom of the screen. The first allows the LCD and viewfinder to darken as you cut exposure and brighten as you add exposure, the second enables the exposure meter readout at the bottom center of the screen.

2nd item I would look at is, do you have CONSTANT PREVUE and EXPO. I would appreciate some feedback on whether or not this helps you, I'm currently writing an article on manual exposure with the GH2 in video mode and your response would be helpful.

I still feel for future events you may be best served by using the Lumix 14mm f2.5 lens.

Tiffen ND filters in 46mm are inexpensive and I think that lens is particularly suited to what you want to do.

Doing most of your shooting from a moving motorcycle, you might look into the Lumix 14mm f2.5.

So I need to keep it low as well as matching the 24p - So, still puzzled @Bruce - I think this answers some Q's for you as to my journey here?

Let me know and I can be more direct - Greggsideeffects, Send me an email address in a PM and I'll send you the article I'm working on.

Just remember it's not finished, or "polished" yet.

It's written from the viewpoint of using strictly native m4/3rds lenses and you'll see how simple things get.


EXAMPLE: Say I want to stay at 50fps or 125fps for shooting in 24p, am I stuck having to use a matte and ND's to get where I need to be?

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