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"Bluegrass Unlimited" magazine has published "Henry Kuhrmeyer & the Kay Upright Bass." The article on serial numbers was published by Bluegrass Unlimited in March of 2000.rom the time the first Kay bass was produced (1937), the majority of the wooden parts were made at the factory.Special thanks is extended to Michael Wright, Michael Lee Allen, George Manno and Michael Newton for the work they did in putting together a six-part series on Kay Guitars in "Vintage Guitar Magazine." Also referenced was the work of J.Scott, "50's Cool Kay Guitars" and a book written by Raymond Elgar entitled, "Introduction to the Double Bass." George Gruhn and Walter Carter were very helpful, as was their book "Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars." "American Guitars" written by Tom Wheeler was helpful.

Bandsaws, drills and other hand tools needed were already in house.

As years went on, Kay made numerous models depending on the customer's requirements. There were many variations featured, from thin bodies, inlaid purfling, and 1/3 smaller bodies to bound f-holes, 5 string basses and nickel plated metal parts.

(M-2), (M-2 Army), and (M-2 Navy) basses have been documented.

Necks were contoured from hard maple, peg holes drilled, tops and backs formed-sanded, ribs bent and bass bars installed on tooling either made for or developed under Kuhrmeyer's direction.

Presses for installing the bass bar, and the heating forms used to laminate the tops and backs of the instruments were made in-house.

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It is suspected that the model 89's were sold by Sears, Spiegels, Montgomery Ward and other mail order companies.