Camille ragazzina sexy it

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Camille ragazzina sexy it

While EDT is mysterious and astringent 'chypre', eau de parfum is sweeter and richer.

The verdure of the top notes is significantly moderated, and bergamot is replaced by sweet mandarin.

The fragrances I wore then were of a green color - Emeraude, Charlie, Chanel 19.

This is a beautiful clean soapy green scent with minimal notes and quite easy to wear as a day to day inoffensive office work scent or a signature scent.

However, in Chanel's defense, the description does straight-up say that the EDT is for "generous use all over the body", and I typically am not an exuberant sprayer.While I love everything about O De Lancome I actually kind of don't like this on first spritz.But then I like it after it's been on awhile OK and I'm sure it makes me smell very clean and fresh so I'll try not to regret buying it on that basis but not smell my wrist too much because there is just a touch of something I don't quite like. All that being said it is a little jewel of a fragrance.It is as fresh and clean and luminous as a crystal. But I guess you really need to use moisturizer or something because this doesn't last long n me which is quite disappointing for a Chanel perfume.It's certainly a lot nicer than that awful Light Blue, and the toilette is fairly inexpensive for a Chanel perfume. O de Lancome lasts longer and Micheal Kors Sporty Citrus lasts longer although Sporty Cirtus isn't a chypre at all and doesn't smell anything like this. Cristalle dates from a time in the 70s when green was good.

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The heart is composed of hyacinth and jasmine, but their luxuriance is subordinate to the perfect lines of the entire composition. The perfume belongs to the floral-chypre olfactive group.

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