John travolta dating

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John travolta dating

Most notably, Hoatson owns a 36-year-old piece of royal wedding cake in a box signed by two of Diana's bridesmaids, India Hicks and Clementine Hambro.The solid block of fruitcake hasn't crumbled a bit in the past three decades.

"We all like Cinderella going to the ball, winning the prince and living happily ever after, but sadly she didn't live happily ever after.We all resonate with her because she had her problems, average things we all suffer from, and I think that's the thing that makes her so special." In addition to a Christmas card addressed to Prince Charles' former nanny, Hoatson's collection includes sketches of Diana's wedding dress autographed by the designer and a photo of her wedding cake signed by its baker.A museum once valued the collection at 0,000, but Hoatson didn't purchase his estimated 13,000 collectibles outright.A thorough soaking of booze is known to give the confection a shelf-life of over a hundred years."There are slices of Queen Victoria's cake still out there dating back to the 1800s," he says of the traditional royal wedding favor."My particular slice of cake came from Edward Harrison, the chief chauffeur to Her Majesty the Queen, so it's pretty cool in that regard."He hoped to share his many pieces of history, but the reception wasn't exactly kind. Diana is not the only thing I do in my life, so people need to understand that."Despite the horrid hate mail, Hoatson still wants to share his collection with others.

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Simpson supposedly said, “You had told me this would be the result from the beginning.

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