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Jackob & Samantha Yes, this is truly a success story for Millionaire Match.

While "Multi-millionaire" was blasted by critics and feminists, Fox executives emerged as big winners--albeit temporarily.

Ron Sturtz, one of those 1991 roommates, confirmed in a TSG interview that the Rick Rockwell named in Goyne's court filings was the same Rick Rockwell featured on the Fox TV show "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire?

" Sturtz added that he recalled going to see Rockwell perform in nightclubs around the time the comic was dating Goyne.

On March 5, 1991 Goyne and Rockwell appeared at a hearing in the Torrance courtroom of Judge Abraham Gorenfeld. In addition, Rockwell was ordered not to "contact, molest, attack, strike, threaten, sexually assault, batter, telephone, or disturb the peace" of Goyne.

Following that session, Judge Gorenfeld signed a six-month protective order barring Rockwell from coming within 100 yards of Goyne, her home, or her downtown L. The Superior Court file contains no evidence that Rockwell failed to follow this judicial directive.

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Nine years before supposed "multimillionaire" Rick Rockwell became famous for marrying a stranger on national television, a California judge issued a restraining order barring him from going near an ex-fiancee who told the court that her "repeated attempts to break off an engagement" led Rockwell to assault her and threaten that "he would find me and kill me," The Smoking Gun has learned.