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Other countries are far below, like Bangladesh and Taiwan, with an average just under 20.

Countries from Most to Least Promiscuous (based on Table 3 in Schmitt): As an economist, I can’t help but wonder if some of the variation in promiscuity between nations has to do with income.

After all, what can be more trusting, and more risky, than sex with a stranger?

I find this test interesting because if you can measure a quality like promiscuity, then you can make comparisons.

(If you want to understand how your promiscuity was calculated, go to the end of this post.) And once you can make comparisons, you can start to think about what lies behind the differences in behavior.

One of the reasons nations grow is because they have legal institutions and social norms that promote innovative activity.

For example, cultural traits that encourage growth are openness to new ideas, trust, and a willingness to accept risk.

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You may have heard the following terms used to describe a pattern of out of control sexual behavior: sex addiction, compulsive sexual behavior, hyper-sexuality, problematic sexual behavior etc.