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Volunteering at your local library is a great way to earn service hours and give back to your community in a place you already love.Inquire at your local San Luis Obispo County Library about the volunteer application process.Remember all teen volunteers must be 13 or older, complete a volunteer application with a parent or guardian’s approval, and be willing to volunteer on an ongoing basis.Teen Book Club - Teens are invited to the Santa Margarita Book Club on the first Saturday of the month from 4-5PM Teen Crafts - Teen craft programs are available on a regular basis at the Nipomo Library at no charge, in conjunction with the Nipomo Rec Department.The Teen division works to provide quality programs for young adults looking for fun, interactive, and educational experiences.Every child is celebrated and provided tools for success in a safe and supportive environment.

I only know that my mother gave birth to her in the later part of the year in Northern CA. I know she married my birth father on 12-1-1940 and the child was born not too long before this. I am 5’3 ¾” tall, with greenish hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Date Received: 8-12-2016All Other Information: 2 half-brothers that were given up for adoption in the mid 1940s, I believe through the Children’s Home Society of California. Petersen Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Cornelia May Dra Goo Adoptive Fathers Name: Thomas I.

Just moved to the Central Coast looking to meet people to hang out with! I ..openhearted, make friends from all walks of life easily, and I have a quick witted sense of humor.

My partner always knows that I love her because I tell her. Sometime I do like to tough a girl like drive a 4x4 truck, ride a motorcycle or dirty bikes and etc. Also I like to dirty mind too:) I'm an optimist and see the world as my oyster.

I was told that my birth father tried to get the child back but it was too late and she was already adopted. Names at birth were William James Schmelz and Kenneth Richard Schmelz. Petersen Email Address: All Other Information: Birth mother born in Pennsylvania.

My birth father Lewis Woods was not the biological father. I do not have their birth dates, but think they are 1-1/2 years apart and were born between ? She was 26 at time of birth, a Methodist, 1 year of college, a nurse at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, 5'6" tall, grey-blue eyes, blond hair about 125 lbs., unusually attractive. My adoptive father was in the automobile business in S. I think the adoption may have been arranged prior to my birth. Email Address: All Other Information: I am a younger half-sib. I made a deathbed promise to my older half-sister that I would locate him. My grandmother and the baby's father were not married. and the ring's year are my only clues so far to find my Aunt whom I've never met.

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