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An inscription at Teradal states that the king Gonka (1020 - 1050 CE) was bitten by a snake then healed by a Jain monk.

Gonka then built a temple to Lord Neminath, the twenty-second Jain tirthankara (enlightened being).

Around 1055 CE, during the reign of Bhoja I, (Shilahara dynasty), a dynamic Acharya (spiritual guide) named Maghanandi (Kolapuriya), founded a religious institute at the Rupanarayana Jain temple (basadi).Here the Devi Ambabai always dwells." Kolhapur is famous of west Maharashtra.The Shilahara family at Kolhapur was the latest of the three and was founded about the time of the downfall of the Rashtrakuta Empire.The Panchaganga river originates in the Western Ghats.It has five tributaries which supply the city and surrounds: the Bhogavati, Tulsi, Kumbhi, Kasari and the Dhamani rivers.

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The state of Kolhapur was established by Tarabai in 1707 because of the succession dispute over the Maratha kingship.